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Hi Micaela, I just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism, your prompt responses, and your follow ups on everything.

All the way down to the thank you card. You are a true professional. I wish you much success in your future career. If I every need your service or if anyone asks me who should I use I would with not doubt in mind I would refer you.

Roseann Ambrico Sholar

What has been the best part about finding your home and getting it under contract to purchase?

"Working with Micaela has been a blessing. We were fortunate to get her. We'll use her again, and will recommend her. Micaela takes very good care of us. She is the perfect balance to my frenzied personality."

Beatriz Godoy

Was an absolute pleasure to work with, He was always available to answer questions.

He truly went above and beyond at every step of the process.

T. Alspaugh

I had a great experience in selling my house.

The house itself sold to the first couple that looked at it and was only on the active market for less than a week. Richard and his staff were great to work with and would I recommend them to anyone in the area.

Mark Scheiderer

She is by far the best follow-up and responsive person I met in my career.

Micaela has personality, wit, smarts and provides added value.

Carlos S. Batista

What has been the best part about finding your home and getting it under contract to purchase?

"Working with Micaela. It's always a pleasure. She helped me find both of my properties, close & move in in just a little over a months time both times."

Kathy Dunn

Micaela is super sweet and always patient with us; she is amazing.

I will definitely recommend Micaela to friends and family.

Marco & Nikky Victorino

Selling or buying, I highly recommend Todd Howard!

He is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market, he is solution-oriented and educates you every step of the way. He keeps in touch, responds quickly, and is a top-notch negotiator. Todd gets the job done! He is also a great resource, he has a team of local licensed professionals who can get any job done. Todd is a great person and diligently works to develop long-term relationships. Thanks for being a great realtor, resource and helping my daughter and son-in-law buy their first home in Florida.

LeeAnn DeLeo

Just a quick note to say Thanks for a job Well Done selling my Mother's home.

Your attention to detail was spot on! I Highly recommend Todd Howard as anyone's next/only Realtor. His communication, scheduling, persistence on covering loose issues, negotiating, educating and especially his willingness to learn and sincerely caring for his clients speaks volumes to his resolve.

John Rogers

We were really pleased with the results of our sale especially her continued followup, guidance and support through the process.

Since we are not full time residents, Micaela went above and beyond in customer service, often checking in on the condo, running and managing all the open houses, and working with the condo association directly to work through many of the details. She has a great deal of patience and we highly recommend her. Besides being a great agent, she makes the effort to be a friend. Selling a house or condo can be an emotional process as well as a financial process. You need more than just someone to line up the paperwork and need someone who as the empathy and support you would find in a friend. Micaela has both of these qualities and really made this a very good process for us.

Frank and Maria Piniella

Conor is a pleasure to work with.

He is knowledgable and quick to act. A great negotiator, and not pushy like many of the realtors can be. We now have the house of our dreams. I also referred him to a friend and they will be closing in a few weeks! We are going to miss him but he promised to stay in touch. We got a new home and a new friend with Conor!

Eileen Finan Peters

Conor was fantastic.

I went in knowing almost nothing about how to buy a home. He walked me through every step of the process. He was always very responsive when I had any questions. He found just the right houses based on my criteria. He did a great job handling the negotiations with the seller. Conor helped me in dealing with the mortgage company. He helped me find an insurance company, an inspector, and other services. I knew I was in good hands. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jacob Piper

I cannot express how amazing our experience was with Conor.

He went above and beyond to help us find the right home. He works very diligently to help as much as he can. Very punctual and communicative. Truly gives you peace of mind as well, there were several times we had become discouraged and he was right there to give us that extra bit of encouragement we needed to keep going. When he says everyone is treated the same regardless of what you can afford he truly means it. I never once felt due to my lower affordable rate that I was on the back burner for him he was always right there ready to help and listen to exactly what we were looking for. He explained everything in depth any time we had any questions regarding many different things some of which I feel he didnt actually have to but he always went the extra step. There are so many more good things I could say about him but I believe actions speak louder than words if you are looking for a realt or and you are reading this there is only one person that I would put in the same category as this man and that is his wife who is just as amazing and dedicate as he is. Thank you both so much for everything!!!

Leslie Andress and Elisabeth Perry

Efficient, professional, friendly, and extremely helpful Very knowledgeable of the area and the market.

Was quite on the ball on how to prepare for showing and how to help present. Stayed in contact to provide progress reports and check on how I was getting on with getting ready to show, sell and close. Kept me up to date on anything that was going on and who might be in touch with me and why. (Such as the title company) Verified by RateMyAgent

Pam Scarborough

If you are in need of a realtor, Micaela at Blake Real Estate is an amazing real estate agent, I worked last year with her when I was originally going to buy and when I decided to hold off until 2014 I made sure to go back to her not because she had already knew my prince range and location but because she sincerely cared and knew every answer to the many questions I had.

.. Seeing soooooo many houses each house that would of been a nightmare she advised me to stay away regardless of how high the cost, never pushing me into settling for OK...Made it much less stressful for me, she built a bond with me and I'm so glad I had her to lead me in this huge decision in my life. I HIGHLY recommend her hands down!

Jenny Chacon

Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz responded quickly to our first phone call as we started our home search.

She was very patient and helpful during the process and we were especially pleased with the results of our negotiation. It was a pleasure working with you, Micaela!

Sean Costello & Lorraine Voras

You made it so easy and stress free to sell our home.

We felt we were given an honest and forthright opinion from from the start that set the right expectations for the process. All your marketing efforts resulted in a fast sale for a great price. Rick Blake made everything so easy! I'll have confidence contacting him again when I'm looking to buy my next home. Why would anyone in Safety Harbor consider anyone else other than Blake Real Estate?

Barb Perfetti

I will downright demand of the people I care about to hire this realtor when they are ready to sell or buy a home, and this is coming from someone who has never written a review for any of the hundreds of items that I've purchased on Amazon and elsewhere.

Either I'm lazy or I don't have the time, energy or desire to write reviews, but to not write one for Conor wouldn't sit well with my conscious given that he has never denied me a minute of his time for a sale that could have collapsed at several turns that took over 100 hours of work consummate on his part. I have tens and tens of pages of texts and emails most of which you'll see that he responded to in seconds. Feel free to ask for copies. I still have the exchanges and I can send tens of screen shots. They are quite telling. He understands human nature when it comes to such an important purchase. He understands that square pegs don't fit into round holes. He services. He informs. He updates. He doesn't "sell" or push. He doesn't tell you what to like or dislike. He knows when to say nothing. He knows when to say something. When you ask for his opinion, he offers it with the right mix of humility and sense of subjectivity. He also won't hesitate to point out something that's not so obvious. For us, he spotted things that didn't encourage the sale. He spotted things that actually squashed the sale. He wore my shoes. He's just a normal warm-hearted individual who treats people like they would want to be treated. Since the sale, he still communicates with me via text of local happenings - places where he is going and opportunities to spend an hour together. He knows what I like. He knows me. And he shares things that make my life better - both before and after the sale. We found him via Zillow. He responded to an inquiry. I googled him before making the plunge to fly from Ohio to Tampa to spend two days with him. I feared what could have been an obnoxious two days. It ended with a good friendship and extreme confidence that he was exactly the sort of support we needed from so far away. Do yourself a favor and hire this man! PS: For what it's worth, we purchased a home that was for sale by owner. It didn't matter to him. It was the right home for us so he was good with it.

John Faler

My husband and I were relocating from out to state and Micaela helped us to confidently purchase our home.

She is extremely professional and goes above and beyond for her clients. She is personable with an eye for details, which is exactly what you need in a real estate agent. We have since recommended Micaela to multiple family members and everyone loves her! Highly, highly recommend her to help you buy or sell your home.

Sarah Steele

Todd Howard is the most professional real estate agent I have ever worked with.

I had been working with him for over a year, long-distance, to find a property in Florida. I feel so fortunate to have found him. He is always extremely responsive to messages and phone calls, knows the business inside and out, and is calm and cool-headed, even when his clients are not! Of course, he found the PERFECT property for us and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Todd!!

Amy Poole

This was a big move for our family and we felt that Rick Blake handled our transaction with the utmost professionalism.

We had already moved before final closing on the sale of our house in Clearwater and Rick was able to set our mind at ease and complete the transaction smoothly.

Sarah & Andrew Defosses

Rick Blake is an honest and open person.

He did a good job selling my vacant lot; I am happy to have known him and enjoyed working with him!

ML Robinson

Conor is very knowledgeable.

He is awesome to work with. He answers every call and text within minutes and does everything he says he will do and more; plus, he does it fast! -Martha Pressley

Martha Pressley

I have numerous colleagues that are Realtors that I work with on a regular basis due to my profession.

I used to be a Realtor myself. Micaela takes the time to listen to, and get to know her clients in a very warm and professional manner. She is not superficial in any way, and truly becomes immersed in the experience of buying or selling a home with you. I tend to have a short fuse, and Micaela does not get anxious, or take anything personal. She remains the calm in the storm, and the guiding light in the darkness. She will not sway you one way or the other to her benefit, but will help you gain clarity, explore options, and make sound decisions. I have utilized Micaela on multiple transactions (buying and selling), and will continue to partner with her for my real estate endeavors. Call Micaela for your buying or selling real estate needs. You will be thankful for having such a wonderful soul by your side.


From our initial contact with Conor to the final closing, he was there every step of the way making the process as smooth as it could be and offering advice on everything from home inspections to financers to insurers.

A calm, thorough presence in the midst of what is always a nerve-wracking time. After many real estate transactions throughout North America, we can say with utmost confidence that Conor is the best we've ever dealt with. We highly recommend Conor and would be quite willing to offer our recommendation to anyone considering Conor.

Mark and Laurie Thomas

There really are some pros out there!

Rick and his staff were Johnny-on-the-spot with every single request we had. In fact, the first day our house was listed it was sold! And the first house he sholwed us was the one we purchased. Pretty impressive, eh?

Fred and Gloria Hatfield

Conor was on the ball at every stage of helping us sell our condo.

His creative approach to his work turns real estate into an art form. Conor can navigate around some very awkward situations with ease and will go the extra mile to make everyone involved feel comfortable.

Paul Ketzenbarger

Richard Blake is very professional in all respects and made the process of selling my home too easy.

It was a win for all concerned and I loved walking away with a huge check!

Gregory Dobbins

Todd was truly a pleasure to work with for the purchase of our third home!

He was someone with a dedicated work ethic and who will go above and beyond, the extra miles, day or night! He continually made sure his client was heard, well represented and had all questions and/or concerns answered in a timely manner. There are not enough words to say that could even begin to hit on how great Todd was as our realtor. Another great person we worked with all the way was our broker, Fred Nino. Fred was recommended to us and we are so glad we gave him a call. Fred is extremely knowledgeable in explaining all things from the financial standpoint and made sure to always answer any questions or clarify anything if we needed. Fred would call often just to check in and see how things were moving along and if we needed anything. Todd and Fred often communicated late into many evenings and on the weekends to ensure our deal was going to go through. They are a great team of people to work with on your behalf. Thank you once again, Todd from the bottom of our hearts for helping us find and buy our dream home. Best, Ashley and George Petlowany

Ashley Petlowany

We liked Rick Blake's "no pressure" approach, calm and patient, yet responsive and quick to make appointments and get back to us with additional options.

He's very knowledgeable about the area and helped us narrow down to a few good choices. The day of closing we discovered an issue with seller information not represented accurately in the original listing and Rick handled it calmly but aggressively for us, offering sound advice and negotiating an acceptable solution. Overall wonderful experience, I'm sending all my friends to him!

Barb Ulmer

Micaela was very helpful, knowledgeable and attentive to our needs!

I will highly recommend her to others in the community!!

Bob Gaumer

The best agent and company we have worked with!

With Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz, we felt our best interests were ALWAYS top of mind and drove the process. We really appreciated her willingness and patience to keep working with us until we found what was right for us.

Mark Lang & Beatriz Godoy

First Home Todd was wonderful and guided us every step of the way!

He helped us with permits, finding local contractors you name it! He’s the best and very thoughtful. Highly Recommended as his experience does not go unnoticed. Verified by RateMyAgent

Brittany Lewis

Blake Real Estate is a small up and coming agency in Tampa Bay FL.

Rick Blake worked closely with me, but was never overbearing or demanding. He's easy to work with and knows the market. He uses technology to sell homes and keeps innovating his practices. I would highly recommend Blake Real Estate for real estate transactions in Tampa Bay.

Emily Sillcocks

In today's market you need someone that will go that extra mile.

Todd is that someone! I was buying a new house on a tight budget not an easy thing to do in this crazy housing environment. I made it even more difficult because I was looking all over Pinellas county. Todd provided houses for me to review on my schedule. If you are buying or selling do yourself a favor call Todd you will not be disappointed. Todd I also wanted to make sure I thanked you for referring me to Fred Nino from Excel Mortgage. Fred was amazing, Before I spoke with Fred I called the "well Advertised" mortgage companies. What I learned was they are not in it to help me but, to help themselves. I had at least three other quotes from the other mortgage lenders. And they could not hold a candle to what Fred from Excel was able to do. Fred really cared about me buying my home. Todd and Fred worked together it was so refreshing to work with such a great group of professional. Thank you again! Deb

Deborah Blackwell

We worked mainly with Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz from Blake Real Estate in purchasing our new home.

Throughout our entire experience working with Micaela, she was extremely professional, positive, and motivated. She went above and beyond our expectations from the point when we first began our search and throughout the process until we actually closed on our home. She made sure she did the research to provide us with all of the information necessary to make the best decision and she answered all of our questions promptly. We highly recommend Micaela and the whole Blake Real Estate team to any home buyer looking for that special house.

Al and Karla Barbosa

Working with Conor was a pleasure.

He became our friend during this process and we highly recommend him.

Robert Jones

Todd Howard has done a wonderful job on the property I purchased.

I'd highly recommended him to anyone looking to buy!!

Greg Solomon

We closed on a townhouse in Seminole on January 25.

We were from out of town. Conor O'Neill represented us on the purchase of the townhouse and some furnishings, arranged the home inspection, secured approval and necessary information from the homeowners' association, recommended an insurer and other professionals, and coordinated several issues with the seller and listing agent. Working with Conor was a real pleasure. He is prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, polite, persistent, helpful, and efficient. The process went very smoothly, and we couldn't be happier with the job Conor did for us. We would definitely use him again, and highly recommend him to others.

Charles and Linda Johnson

Way to many to mention.

We flew down from Ct. and he picked us up on time at Hampton Inn every morning to look at homes for sale. He stayed in touch even after we went back to Ct unable to find a home we loved. Came back again and Conor took us to new development in Tarpon Springs, which we loved and purchased a lot and he helped with keeping in touch with us pictures etc as we had to return to Ct. Conor kept watch over the building process for us. He is kind, compassionate and extremely trustworthy. We can't believe we were fortunate enough to have met him. He is our friend now.

Carol & Ken Riley

Todd Howard sold our townhome in Pinellas Park, Fl.

He handled it with such ease, you would have thought it was his property he was selling. He came in prepared. He knew the market (recent sales) similar townhouses and was prepared to show us everything. No searching and I’ll have to get back with you. He offered suggestions to help stage the townhouse to make it more appealing to a potential buyer when they walked through the doors. If we called him regarding any questions from the sale and including the closing, he promptly got back with us. He worked extremely well with the negotiation/communication process between us and the buyer. We have bought and sold 3 homes and have never had such professionalism shown to us. He sold our townhouse in a week and we closed 3 weeks later. I highly recommend Todd Howard to handle your sale or purchase of a home. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. I rate Todd Howard 5 stars.

Doretha Jent

My husband and I were first time homebuyers and had never been through the adventure of buying a home.

We chose Blake Real Estate based on a friend's recommendation and I'm so happy we did! Micaela was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. She was incredibly patient, professional, supportive, friendly and honest. We could rely on her every step of the way and she was always one step ahead. I can't imagine having gone through this experience with anyone else!!

Rachel Russell

If you've come across Micaela's name in search for your next realtor, stop looking, you've just won the lottery!

It's difficult to express exactly how wonderful our recent experience with Micaela was, but I'm certainly going to try. By way of background, we're a former military family that during the course of a long career moved more times than I care to remember, and therefore worked with a number of agents, some excellent, some not. Ms. Morenz operates in a completely different space; far and away the most capable real estate professional we've come across. Our search for our perfect home in Central Florida began over a year ago, and from the moment we were referred to Micaela until we closed on our dream home a few days ago Micaela made us feel as if we were her only client. Her efforts were complicated by having to work with us from half way across the country, yet we never felt like this was a remote process. As the review sub-categories point out, Micaela is supremely responsive, knowledgeable, and astute. She has developed an unmatched network of real estate and related trade professionals. Despite her unquestionably superior expertise, what is most endearing about Micaela is her genuinely friendly and attentive demeanor. At the end of your experience with Micaela you will have made a wonderful new friend. Congratulations, you found Micaela!

Tony & Sandy Lyons

Micaela (Nesselroad) Morenz is very nice all the time and very professional.

She was considerate and helpful with everything throughout our buying experience; including during the holidays. Micaela found us our dream home for a great price and always made us feel important!

Hector Davila & Ivonne Faccuseh

Rick Blake and his team were fantastic to work with.

We hit a bit of a fluke situation, and he reacted swiftly and was able to present a viable option to circumvent the issue. The overall process and their attention to detail on all aspects were fantastic.

CJ Schmidt

Todd Howard.

Best realtor in town. We purchased a home in Dunedin. Todd was there every step of the way, answering every phone call, text, helping with inspections, closings, setting up everything needed for a smooth process. Todd has a vast knowledge of the area and multiple connections to help with the home buying experience. We highly recommend using Todd in the home buying or selling process. Verified by RateMyAgent

Troy Foberg

Buyer's agent Professional, extremely knowledgeable, hardest working agent I have ever worked with, always keeps the clients up-to-date on the process, guides you seamlessly through the process of buying.

Always has his client's best interest in mind. OUTSTANDING person! Verified by RateMyAgent

Nancy Gilligan

Thank you so much Todd for helping my son and his wife buy their first home!

Your knowledge and expertise made the process so much easier. I sincerely appreciate your patience, attention to detail, and best of all, your quick response time. We will be using you in our future real estate needs.

Angie Howse

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